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Murchison Bridges


Shire of Northampton

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North West Coastal Hwy Northampton

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Over Murchison River

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Constructed from 1983, Constructed from 1945

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 19 Apr 1996 Category 2

Category 2

HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT AT LOCAL LEVEL. High level of protection appropriate: provide maximum protection under the Town Planning Scheme with encouragement to the owner to conserve the significance of the place. Prepare a floor plan and photographically record the place prior to any redevelopment.

Statement of Significance

The river crossing at the Murchison River has important historic and social significance for its associations with transport and communication links to the north. It also has scientific significance with the design of the bridges to combat flooding.
The site requires a high classification of protection under the Municipal Inventory and steps taken to ensure the older bridge does not fall into disrepair. Interpretive signage explaining the development of the site is also recommended.

Physical Description

The bridges are located on the North West Coastal Highway where it crosses the Murchison River north of Northampton. Originally this was the site of a timber bridge across the river, and remnants of timber piles are still visible at the waters edge between the two bridges currently at the site. Of these, the lower, stone faced bridge, built in 1945, is supported on four continuous concrete pylons and was specifically designed to withstand being fully submerged when the river was in full flood. With the increase in traffic to the north-west it became impractical for the road to be closed during periods of flood so, in 1983 a higher, all seasons, reinforced concrete, box girder bridge was built alongside the old, which services the highway traffic. While the current 1983 all-seasons bridge is evidence of the advances in bridge engineering and methods to combat flood prone river crossings it does not form part of this listing. The area around the old bridge is a popular picnic spot as the river was dammed just down stream from the bridges to provide a water supply for the adjacent, but now deserted, Galena townsite and associated mines.


In August 1926, a timber bridge across the Murchison River was built by R. White for the Public Works Department at a cost of £1217. This bridge was washed away by floods in 1945. A concrete submersible bridge was constructed by the Main Roads Department in 1945 to replace the old bridge. This bridge was designed by Mr Godfrey and built by the Danish company Christiani and Nielsen (same team also designed and built the Narrows
Bridge). The present Galena Bridge was constructed by Concrete Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd and completed in August 1983 at a cost of $1.22 million (plus associated roadworks costing $1.85 million). Funding came from the Australian Bicentennial Road Development programme. The Galena Bridge stands 12 metres above the river bed and was opened by the Federal Minister for Transport, Peter Morris MP on 9 December 1983. Note: The ribbon, ceremonial shovel and programme from the 1983 opening are held at the Binnu School (Site No.22).

Chronology Entries
1839 The Murchison River was named by Lt George Grey in honour of Sir Roderick Murchison, President of
the Royal Geographical Society.
1926 A timber bridge was built across the Murchison River.
1945 A concrete submersible bridge was built across the Murchison River.
Source Pages
Galena Bridge Project, Main Roads Department, 1983
1983 A new bridge carrying the North West Coastal Highway across the Murchison River was opened.
Source Pages
Galena Bridge Project, Main Roads Department, 1983


Orig'l Fabric: Stone and concrete bridges fully intact.




Name Type Year From Year To
Public Works Department under W. B. Hardwick Architect 1945 1983


Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
"Newspaper Article". Geraldton Guardian 10/04/1926
"Newspaper Article". Geraldton Guardian 25/02/1926
"Galena Bridge Project,". Main Roads Department, 19832

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Other Built Type


Epoch General Specific
Original Use Transport\Communications Road: Bridge
Present Use Transport\Communications Road: Bridge

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Other TIMBER Other Timber
Other CONCRETE Other Concrete
Other STONE Other Stone

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11 Jul 1997

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