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South Fremantle Precinct


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South Fremantle

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Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List YES 08 Mar 2007 City of Fremantle
Heritage Area YES 08 Mar 2007 City of Fremantle

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

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Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory YES 14 Oct 2000 South Fremantle Precinct

South Fremantle Precinct

Precinct Management - South Fremantle This place is located within the boundaries of the South Fremantle precinct which has been included on the City of Fremantle's Municipal Heritage Inventory. Any proposed development must be carried out in accordance with the heritage conservation policies adopted for the precinct. These include: Demolition Control All extant buildings and structures located in the precinct and identified on the MI or on any other heritage register should not be demolished. They should be conserved in accordance with the principles of the Burra Charter (The Australia ICOMOS for the conservation of places of cultural significance). Conservation of Significant Streetscapes The conservation of all individual places in the precinct should be considered in the context of the character of the surrounding heritage precinct and significant streetscapes should be conserved and protected. Original significant buildings which contribute to the streetscape should be retained and restored. New buildings should be sympathetic to the traditional street pattern in terms of form, scale and proportion. Conservation of Significant Buildings Significant buildings or places may be extended or adapted, however the original significant building or place should remain the dominant feature on the site when viewed from the street. Significant or original fabric should be retained and conserved wherever possible. In the event of a change of use, the new use should be appropriate to the significance of the place. Conservation of Significant Landscape Significant landscape areas or elements should be retained and conserved. Traditional gardens and trees should be retained wherever possible and new landscape elements should reinforce the traditional planting patterns of the area wherever possible. Where new development is permitted to occur, mature trees should be retained wherever possible.

City of Fremantle

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Precinct or Streetscape


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Original Use RESIDENTIAL Other

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20 Jul 2011

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01 Jan 2017


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