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Blackwood House


Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes

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Blackwood Park Rd Bridgetown

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Local Government



South West

Construction Date

Constructed from 1936

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List Adopted 28 Nov 2019

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

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(no listings)

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 28 Jun 2001 Category 5

Category 5

Significant but not essential to an understanding of the history of the district: photographically record prior to any major redevelopment or demolition.

Municipal Inventory Adopted 29 Mar 2018 Management Category B

Management Category B

Conservation of the place is highly desirable. If not already, to be included on the Local Heritage List. Development proposals to be assessed pursuant to State Planning Policy 3.5 Historic Heritage Conservation; a Conservation Management Plan (if one exists); and to reinforce the significance of the place. Record prior to redevelopment, recognise and interpret if possible.

Statement of Significance

Blackwood House is one of a number of local examples of relatively large and well-built farmhouses dating from the 1930's (e.g, Hill Farm, Greystones, Myola, and Blackwood House) – each of which has a distinctive architectural character. Collectively these help to illustrate an important period of consolidation and prosperity for local farmers.
Blackwood House is significant for its aesthetic value as well as its historic and social values as the home of the Edgerton-Warburton family and part of the original Hester estate.
Aesthetic Value
Blackwood House is of high aesthetic value as a large well-built rural homestead, in the style of a California Bungalow, set high on a hill within a picturesque rural setting.
Historic Value
Blackwood House is one of a number of fine examples of relatively large and well-built farmhouses dating from the 1930's, which collectively illustrate a period of consolidation and prosperity for local farmers.
The site also forms part of the original Hester family farm, which was the site of first steam powered flour mill in the south west (1864) .
Research Value
Social Value
Blackwood House was of social value as the home of Peter and Winsome Egerton-Warburton and for its role in the social life of the community in the mid-twentieth century

Physical Description

Blackwood Park homestead is a large, well-crafted inter-war California Bungalow, with strong elements of a Craftsman Bungalow. The home has an elaborate hip and gable roof structure and features typical of an inter-war California Bungalow. This includes the combination of stone and rendered brick walls, separated by a single line of header bricks; half-timbered gables; tall rendered chimneys with brick caps; and sets of triple casement windows with each panel divided into 6 panes.. Hipped window awnings are supported by simple timber braces, typical of the era.
The large front porch sits under a gabled extension of the main roofline, which is supported by full height stone pillars which also brace and decorate the front wall. This prominent entry statement is also an important element of the California Bungalow design.
A large single room addition to the south east corner of the house is tucked neatly under the eaves of the pre-existing roofline.


The Hester family had established a property by the name of Blackwood Park in c.1858.
In 1913, part of Blackwood Park estate, containing about 170 acres (including the old Hester homestead), was purchased by R E Warburton (Randle Egerton-Warburton) (who was the son-in-law of Edward G Hester). Randle then named this property Brackenhurst.
Piers (known as Peter) Egerton-Warburton was the eldest son of Randle and Evelyn Egerton-Warburton. Following service in World War I, Peter married Winsome Ewing in 1920 (with whom he had five daughters).
In the Electoral Roll of 1922 Piers Edward Egerton-Warburton was listed as a farmer of Brackenhurst, Bridgetown (together with his father, Randle, and brother, George). However, Peter and Winsome were identified as the occupants of Blackwood Park in newspaper notices from mid-1921 (possibly referring to the old Hester homestead).
Peter and Winsome built Blackwood House, some distance from the old Hester homestead, in 1936. This residence, which was referred to as a “magnificent building” in an article in 1939, was mentioned on numerous occasions in the social pages of the newspapers in the mid-1930s-1940s. Events included both family celebrations (such as wedding receptions); the arrival of city guests; and parties. For example:
- A cocktail party and buffet tea at Blackwood House was held in the “charming lounge which overlooks distant hills” as a prelude for the Show Ball in Bridgetown in November 1938; and
- A cocktail party for about 100 guests was held on the lawns of Blackwood House on Christmas Eve 1949.
The original Blackwood Park homestead (the old Hester homestead) was occupied by a married couple in the employ of Peter Egerton-Warburton for many years, but was demolished in the 1960’s.


Blackwood House continues to be a working farm and family home and has come back into the hands of an Edgerton-Warburton descendent.
Despite additions, the overall character of the home can still be readily understood.




Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
Albany Advertiser pg.6 24/08/1936
Western Mail pg.13 (including a sketch of the old Hester Homestead) 10/08/1939
Contemporary newspaper reports (
Western Mail pg.27 24/11/1938
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Other Reference Numbers

Ref Number Description
A50974 Assess No (Shire Ref)
No.R17 MI Place No.

Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Original Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence
Present Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall STONE Local Stone

Historic Themes

General Specific
PEOPLE Early settlers

Creation Date

14 May 1997

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27 Apr 2021


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