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Matthews Netball Centre


Town of Cambridge

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199 Salvado Rd Jolimont

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Constructed from 2013

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Heritage List Adopted 27 Nov 2018

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 27 Nov 2018 Category 3

Category 3

Some/Moderate Significance Contributes to the heritage of the locality. Has some altered or modified elements, not necessarily detracting from the overall significance of the place. Conservation of the place is desirable. Any alterations or extensions should reinforce the significance of the place, and original fabric should be retained wherever feasible.

Statement of Significance

The place has historic value for its association with the development of netball, formerly Women's basketball, in the 1950s and 1960s from an amateur sport to its current status as a well organised professional sports organisation.

The place has historic value for its association with the development of Jolimont in the 1960s which was sparsely settled in the mid 20th century when land was set aside for the sports grounds.

The place has historic value as the location of the second World Netball Championships in August 1967 which demonstrated the international recognition of Western Australia as a venue for sports at the highest level since the 1962 Empire Games.

The place has historic value for its association with Maude Matthews who was President of the Women's Basketball Association when these courts were established in 1961. Her contribution is recognised in the naming of the courts in her honour.

The place has social value for the many members of the community who have attended the place since 1961 as players, spectators or officials. The widespread popularity of the game has meant a significant portion of the Perth and wider Western Australian community have visited this place.

Physical Description

The Matthews Netball Centre has been home to netball since 1961 however the original building no longer exists.

This site is now the location of the State Netball Centre, managed by the State Government and the Matthews Netball Centre owned and managed by the Town of Cambridge. The two new facilities were constructed in 2013.


The beginning of netball (known as Women’s Basketball until 1970) was initiated in WA through the YWCA, under the leadership of Miss Marjorie Black in 1924.

Maude Matthews, President of the Western Australia Women’s Basket Ball Association (WAWBBA) from 1939-1942 and 1945-1962, worked closely with the Western Australian Government and Councillors from the Perth City Council to set aside this site bounded by Salvado Road and Selby Street for the establishment of a netball centre. The venue was subsequently named the ‘Matthews Basketball Centre’ in honour of her contribution.

The first building was erected on the site in 1961 together with the provision of four hard stand courts and 46 grass courts and was officially opened in April of that year. The Centre became known as the ‘most outstanding’ Netball Centre in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 1961 all teams in the metropolitan area played under the banner of Western Australian Basketball Association as there were no other metropolitan associations. With the inception of the Matthews’ Centre it was also possible to ‘house’ the staff of the State Body in one building to supervise and oversee all matches from the one location.

In 1967 the Centre was host to the 1967 World Women's Basketball Tournament, and at the same time hosted the 1967 Australian National Titles.

In 1971 ‘basketball’ was changed to ‘netball’ to bring Australia and New Zealand in line with the rest of the world. With the change in the sport’s name, the name of the centre was also changed to Matthews Netball Centre.

As the numbers of netballers grew many other metropolitan associations came into operation as Matthews could not possibly take the number of teams wanting to participate. Associations including Fremantle, Midland, Southern Districts and Wanneroo came into force and are still in operation today.

In 1990 the State Body left the Matthews’ Netball Centre to establish its headquarters away from any domestic competition, moving to various sites over time (until moving back again into its own building in 2015). At this time a strong group of volunteers met and formed the Perth Netball Association (Inc.) who continue to organise netball at the Matthews’ Netball Centre. After working with the Perth City Council for many years the centre came under the jurisdiction of the Town of Cambridge in 1994.

In 2011, the Town of Cambridge endorsed the Wembley Sports Park Master Plan and work commenced on redevelopment of the site. The redevelopment consisted of the construction of a two new facilities, the State Netball Centre for the State Government and the Matthews Netball Centre for the Town of Cambridge. The building was finished and opened in 2013 and in addition to the undercover courts, provides offices a canteen for competition days, change rooms and storage space for clubs, and rooms for first aid and training courses. Currently [2018] Matthews Netball Centre has 48 courts.




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Perth Netball Association Website
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01 Dec 2000

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