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Eliza's Cottage


Shire of York

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9 Revett Pl York

Location Details

Other Name(s)

Burtons Cottage
Lookout for Trains Cottage

Local Government



Avon Arc

Construction Date

Constructed from 1840

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
State Register Permanent 05 Jan 2001 Register Entry
Assessment Documentation
Heritage Council

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Classified by the National Trust Classified 05 Mar 1985

Heritage Council
Register of the National Estate Permanent 20 Mar 1978

Heritage Council
Municipal Inventory Adopted 31 Dec 1995 Category 1A

Category 1A

State Registered or on the Assessment Program of the Heritage Council of Western Australia. A place of exceptional cultural heritage significance for the Shire of York and the State of Western Australia, that is either in the Heritage Council of WA’s Register of Heritage Places, or worthy of consideration for entry into the Register. Recommend: Retain and Conserve the place. A development application needs to be submitted to Heritage Council of WA for approval for any proposed development prior to it being submitted to Council.

Statement of Significance

The cottage has heritage significance for the following reasons:
 The place is a rare, authentic and representative example of the Victorian Georgian style of dwelling
constructed by settlers when they first moved onto their land.
 The place is closely associated with the historical development of the town of York and the Avon Valley
and is an integral part of the Blandstown Heritage Precinct.
 The place has the potential to reveal information on early construction practises within the colony of
Western Australia.
 The place has some associations with R H Bland and S S Parker, both early settlers of the York district who
established the area known as Blandstown.

Physical Description

A simple styled building with a central two room ‘core’ constructed from rammed earth, later extensions
constructed from soft fired bricks which surround the original two rooms and more recent extensions at the rear of
the building constructed from hard fired bricks. The exterior of the cottage has been rendered. The single story
structure has a broken pitched, hipped roof covered with corrugated galvanised iron. Three simple brick
chimneystacks protrude through the roof on the northern side of the cottage. Native trees and some exotic tree
species surround it. The land slopes gently to the east to the eastern property line, which is defined by as Blands


Bland was one of the first to arrive in the district and was requested by Stirling to establish a Government Stock
Station. For his services to the Government, Bland was granted 1,000 acres and later acquired an additional 4,000
acres on the left bank of the Avon River. Bland was appointed Resident Magistrate for York in November 1834.
As Bland held this type of position, York’s early development was centred around Bland’s farm at the southern
end of present day York. It is possible that the dwelling was built by Bland for his labourers or possibly a
Eliza’s Cottage was identified as part of the Blandstown Heritage Precinct in 1977 in a historical study
undertaken by M Feilman and Partners on the town of York.


Integrity: High
Authenticity: High


Fair to Moderate


Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
M Feilma; "Heritage Study" Town of York 1977

Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Present Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence
Original Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence

Architectural Styles

Victorian Georgian

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall BRICK Common Brick
Roof METAL Corrugated Iron
Wall EARTH Pise {Rammed Earth}

Historic Themes

General Specific
PEOPLE Early settlers

Creation Date

30 May 1989

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31 Dec 2016


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