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77 Tuckfield St Fremantle

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Construction Date

Constructed from 1880, Constructed from 1901

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List YES 08 Mar 2007

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

Type Status Date Documents
(no listings)

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 18 Sep 2000 Level 2

Level 2

The City of Fremantle has identified this place as being of considerable cultural heritage significance in its own right within the context of Fremantle and its conservation is a priority.

Statement of Significance

Residence & Site of the former Sacred Heart Novitiate, 77 Tuckfield Street Fremantle a painted tuck pointed brick and tile single storey house dating from 1901 has cultural heritage significance for the following reasons:

the place has considerable aesthetic value as a reasonably intact example of a residence from the Federation Bungalow style of architecture; and,

for its contribution as a minor landmark in its setting to the streetscape and the surrounding area; and

the place has considerable historic value as a fine example of a residence dating from first decade of the twentieth century and for its use from 1922 – 1986 with the Sacred Heart Convent and;

has social value to the local and wider community for its associations with the Sisters Notre Dame De Missions and the education of children in the Fremantle district;

The rear 1950s additions, recent outbuildings, landscaping are of little significance.

This place was identified by the Fremantle Society in 1979/80 as being of cultural heritage significance. (Coded: Red: "Significantly contributing to the unique character of Fremantle") Refer to the "Heritage report on: 19th century walls and steps in Fremantle" prepared by Silvana Grassadonia, for the Fremantle City Council, 1986.

Physical Description

Extracted from Council Heritage Assessment May 2009 relating to a DA:
Tuckfield Street extends on a southwest to northeast direction between Finnerty Street and Canning Highway. 77 Tuckfield Street is located on the southeastern side of Tuckfield Street on an elevated site above Canning Highway and prominently visible from the old Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

Within the vicinity are late nineteenth and early twentieth century original residences and the new development on the southern side at Euphrasie Court built on the site of the Sacred Heart Convent and School and previously ‘Riverview’. The northwest side of the street runs along the back of Cantonment Hill, and has only two residences northwest of Burt Street, both of which are set back from the road and relate to the artillery barracks.

The extant residence at 77 Tuckfield Street has historical associations with the Sacred Heart Convent and the Sisters Notre Dame De Missions who occupied the place from 1922 until 1986 when it became a boarding house for the next approximately 20 years.

77 Tuckfield Street (1901) is a single storey Federation Bungalow style residence set approximately 8 metres to the front boundary, with a high rendered fence with pillars and lawn and garden area behind. The house sits above ground level and is accessed by concrete rendered steps onto the verandah. The single storey walls are painted brick and the hipped roof is clad with terracotta tiles. The roof is largely intact although elements such as the front entrance gable and chimney are no longer extant. The roof extends over the verandah and is supported by metal columns and metal grille balustrading which are not the original fabric. The verandah has a concrete floor (also not original fabric), returns on the southern and northern sides of the house where it has partially been in filled with timber framed and fibrous clad sheeting. There is an arch fronting the recessed main entrance with a pressed metal ceiling, the front door has stained leadlight glass side lights and fan lights. There is a bay across the northern corner of the facade which has three pairs of timber framed sash windows.

Internally (2007 site visit) the house is relatively intact and there is a substantial entrance hall separated by an archway with rendered pillars. The pressed metal ceiling is intact. Internally rooms are intact with some modifications for the adaptation of the place for the Sacred Heart Novitiate. The cellar as noted on the 1908 sewerage plans is intact although shows some signs of damp.

There are additions at the rear of the house dating from the 1950/60s which are not significant. On the southern boundary there is a small grotto, a remnant from the former use of the place as part of the Sacred Heart Convent.

There are remains of limestone walls at the north-eastern corner of the site. See Fremantle Local History Collection Files, (filed by address) for 73-77 Tuckfield Street.

A Heritage Assessment was prepared in May 2009 by the City of Fremantle for a DA submission to Council for removal of part of the existing front fence.


The extant residence at 77 Tuckfield Street (Lot 1 FTL 887) was built in 1901 for Duncan Patterson (listed as a manager). A PWD plan from 1909 shows a cellar at the rear of the house. In 1922 the place was taken over by the Sisters Notre Dame De Missions which were situated on Lots 888 & 889. Following the closure of the convent in 1986 the place became privately owned and Council granted permission in 1987 for the place to become a boarding house.
The residence' Riverview' which was built between 1880-1890 and used for Sacred Heart was situated on the south of this house, and demolished in 1988.
This place was identified by the Fremantle Society in 1980 with a code red and the "Heritage Report on: 19th century limestone walls and steps in Fremantle" prepared by Silvana Grassadonia, for the City of Fremantle, 1986.

History of the Sacred Heart Noviciate: Former Sacred Heart Convent School and later former CBC Primary School. It was built between 1880 and 1890 according to the archivist of the Notre Dame Des Missions Order of Catholic Women Religious. The original house referred to as "Riverview" or "Upper House" was completely renovated in the 1950s. In 1901 the building was used as a boarding school run by a family of ladies, the Misses Bird. Who held the building on lease from Mr Mayhew, the American Consul. Riverview was bought by the Oblate Fathers in Fremantle and blessed by Bishop Gibney in 1902. In 1942 the convent became a military hospital. In 1946 the high school reopened. It became a juniorate known as "Virgo Potens". The juniorate closed in 1968 and the top building became a residence for the sisters. Later it housed the archives of the Australian Province. The Christian Brothers took over and opened a Junior High School in 1981. The convent closed in 1986.

A Heritage Assessment was prepared in May 2009 by the City of Fremantle for a DA submission to Council for removal of part of the existing front fence.


Medium to High degree of integrity (original intent mostly clear, current use compatible, high long term sustainability).
Medium degree of authenticity with some original fabric remaining.
(These statements based on street survey only).


Condition assessed as good (assessed from streetscape survey only).

Place Type

Historic Site


Epoch General Specific
Other Use EDUCATIONAL Combined School
Original Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence

Architectural Styles

Federation Bungalow

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Roof TILE Terracotta Tile

Historic Themes

General Specific

Creation Date

20 Jul 2011

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03 Mar 2020


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