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Perry Lakes Scoreboard


Town of Cambridge

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1 Stadium Dr Floreat

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Constructed from 1962

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Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List Adopted 27 Nov 2018

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

Type Status Date Documents
RHP - To be assessed Current 24 Feb 2017

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

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Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 27 Nov 2018 Category 2

Category 2

Considerable Significance Very important to the heritage of the locality. High degree of integrity/authenticity. Conservation of the place is highly desirable. Any alterations or extensions should reinforce the significance of the place.

Parent Place or Precinct

09100 Perry Lakes Sporting Complex

Statement of Significance

The scoreboard has aesthetic value as an intact demonstration of the Post War International style executed in brick.

The scoreboard has aesthetic value as a landmark in the streetscape as it is a unique element in a residential complex that is well known to many members of the community.

The scoreboard has historic value for its association with the 1962 Empire and Commonwealth Games that were a significant event in the Perth community.

The scoreboard has social value for the community for its association with past sporting and social events shared by large
sections of the community.

Physical Description

Perry Lakes Scoreboard is the last remaining element of the former sporting facilities erected for the commonwealth games in 1962. The scorecard sits in a prominent elevated position amidst contemporary townhouse developments which has resulted in a loss of context for the structure.

The scoreboard is a three storey structure of pale brick construction to the ground level and side elevations. The upper levels of the façade are glazed with a glazed parapet topped with four flagpoles.

The façade of the building has been altered with the double height glazing replacing the scoreboard, the removal of the balcony and the replacement of the small openings at ground level with full height window and door arrangements. Whilst the structure still makes a statement in the landscape, the integrity and authenticity of the structure has been degraded through the redevelopment of the site and adaptation of the scoreboard.


The Perry Lakes Scoreboard is the last element remaining from the former Perry Lakes Sporting Complex built in 1962 for the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. The facilities at the site were based around the athletics track and field ground and the associated stadium. When constructed the capacity of the stadium was 30,000 and the scoreboard was located at the southern end of the track.

When constructed the scoreboard featured the latest technology in displays. An array of light globes were located across the front face of the scoreboard, letters and numbers were depicted in the lights and was a vast improvement on previous techniques which used either chalked boards or a series of numeric cards, flipped by the scorer.

Perry Lakes Stadium was the venue for many events since 1962, notably annual school athletic sports carnivals, Country Week opening and closing ceremonies, rugby, soccer and concerts. For many decades basketball was played in covered courts to the west of the track and field stadium.

The future of the site had been under discussion for many years as the facilities began to deteriorate and other venues took on the hosting of specific sports. Specifically the construction of the Western Australian Athletics Stadium in 2009 in nearby Underwood Avenue meant Perry Lakes was no longer used for athletics.

Proposals to develop the site for residential occupancy were finalised c2009 and demolition of the stadium began in 2010,the grandstand was demolished in September 2012.

Development of the site was the source of community discussion and it was resolved to retain the scoreboard at the site in recognition of the cultural heritage significance of the venue. The development also acknowledged the former use by using road names that reflected the sporting associations with the place. Current proposals indicate the scoreboard will be used only for community purposes for the occupants of the adjacent strata development. Together with modifications for community purposes, it has been proposed that the former scoreboard face will be clad with photovoltaic cells to power the common areas.


Integrity: Low
Authenticity: Moderate




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Historic site

Creation Date

09 Mar 2017

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06 Jun 2019


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