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"Rockingham" Cairn


City of Rockingham

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Lot 439 Rockingham Beach Rd East Rockingham

Location Details

Lot 439 on Plan 205970

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Construction Date

Constructed from 1971

Demolition Year


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Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

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Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

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Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 24 Apr 2018 Category B

Category B

Worthy of a high level of protection. Maximum encouragement to the owner should be provided under the City of Rockingham Planning Scheme to conserve the significance of the place. A detailed Heritage Assessment and Impact Statement should be undertaken before approval is given for any major redevelopment. Incentives to promote heritage conservation should be also be considered.

Statement of Significance

•The place has historic value for its association with the dramatic arrival of the ship 'Rockingham' which gave its name to the town.
•The place has social value for the community of Rockingham who organised to build this memorial in the 1970s and for its ongoing presence in the community since then.
•The place has historic value for its association with the moment in Western Australia's history in which the population exceeded one million which provided a marker of the development of the state

Physical Description

Stone monument characterised by its random coursing and curved form. The monument is approximately 2.5 m tall located in Governor Reserve at the northern end of the foreshore parks. The cairn has two plaques commemorating the population of Western Australia reaching 1 million citizens in 1971 and the ship ‘Rockingham’ bringing 172 settlers to the Swan River Colony in 1873.


This cairn was erected in 1971 by the Shire of Rockingham to commemorate two significant events.
The first event was when the ship 'Rockingham' was blown ashore near the site during a storm on 14th May 1830. No lives were lost in the disaster and the ship was saved. Those on board the vessel were 172 settlers including 75 children who had taken the journey from England to settle in the new colony.
The second event marked by this cairn was when the population of Western Australia exceeded one million people in 1971. The Rockingham District Historical Society contributed to the construction of the cairn.
A ceremony was held on 28th May 1971 by the local MLA E. C. Rushton to unveil the plaques. The stones used in the construction of the cairn were ballast stones brought by sailing ships to the port of Rockingham.


Integrity: High Degree
Authenticity: High Degree




Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
Landgate Land Information and aerial photographs
City of Rockingham Municipal Heritage Investory City of Rocking MHI September 2012

Other Keywords

Very important to the heritage of the locality.
High degree of integrity/authenticity
Conservation of the place is highly desirable. Any alterations or extensions should reinforce the significance of the place, and original fabric should be retained wherever feasible.

Place Type

Historic site


Epoch General Specific
Original Use MONUMENT\CEMETERY Monument

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall STONE Other Stone

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15 Jul 2008

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19 Feb 2020


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