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Group Settler's Home


City of Rockingham

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118 Fifty Rd Baldivis

Location Details

Lot 100 on Diagram 091349

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Construction Date

Constructed from 1920

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 24 Apr 2018 Category C

Category C

Retain and conserve if possible. Endeavour to conserve the significance of the place through the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme. A detailed Heritage Assessment and Impact Statement may be required before approval is given for any major redevelopment or demolition. If necessary, record the place photographically prior to demolition.

Statement of Significance

• The place has aesthetic value as a demonstration of a simple vernacular timber cottage still located in its original setting.
• The place has historic value for its association with the Peel Estate Group Settlement Scheme and with the Pugh family who settled in the district in the 1920s.

Physical Description

Group Settler’s Home comprises a single-storey weatherboard residence, set within a large site with mature trees and shrubs to its surroundings.
The building is set back from the main road with its entry via a driveway located along Fifty Road. The building has a simple rectilinear form with a metal clad gable roof and verandah extending across northwest and southeast elevations. The windows on the north west elevation are timber-framed shaded by timber awnings. Additional windows were inserted into the south east elevation following the removal of the fireplaces and chimneys.
The front elevation is oriented southeast, where the original entrance from the street was located. The façade is symmetrical in plan form with a centrally placed entrance flanked by windows and protected by a partially enclosed timber-framed verandah. The building has a rear entry door located at the northwest elevation, facing the garden with extensive grassed area and plantings.
The roof is predominantly a gable form, sweeping down to incorporate the front and rear verandah/additions. The rear elevation also contains a skillion roof section which is a later addition incorporating the rear access and laundry.
The windows to the front elevation are side hung casements with horizontal glazing bars dividing each pane into three sections. Many of the windows have been replaced with aluminium openings.


In the 1920s, David Hammer Pugh (1900-1992) and Olga Petrovna Pugh (1902-1972) lived at Location 131 on Group 66 of the Peel Estate Group Settlement Scheme. In 1933, the Pughs purchased more land to expand their property holdings, and subsequently moved to an original settler’s four-roomed cottage in Fifty Road. Dave Pugh recorded his occupation as a dairyman and labourer throughout his life and Olga undertook home duties.
The homes built for the Group Settlers were generally simple cottages either built by the settlers themselves or simple standard timber cottages designed by the Public Works Department. The origin of this cottage design or builder is not known.
Following Olga's death in 1972, Dave Pugh lived there until his death in 1992. The out-buildings on this property are still extant.
The building was renovated, refurbished and extended in 1993, including replacement of weatherboard claddings to both northeast and southwest exterior walls. Additions were made to the rear of the building (northwest) enclosing the former verandah.


Integrity: High
Authenticity: Moderate



Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Original Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence
Present Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence

Creation Date

12 Sep 1997

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14 Feb 2020


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