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Edwards Hotel


Shire of Gingin

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14 Weld St Gingin

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Gingin Fuel Supply

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Avon Arc

Construction Date

Constructed from 1886

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(no listings)

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Statewide Hotel Survey Adopted

Heritage Council
Municipal Inventory Adopted 17 Nov 1994 Category 3

Category 3

A place of some cultural heritage significance to the Shire of Gingin. No constraints. Recommend: Encourage retention of the place, and document the place if retention is not possible.

Statement of Significance

Built by Reuben Edwards, a son-in-law of John Dewar. The top story was destroyed in a violent storm in 1943. It has since changed hands many times being used as a General Store, Bakery and in recent times for machinery and agriculture sales and a Petrol Station and Garage.

Physical Description

Built for Ruben Edwards and his wife Adeline Dewer, the two storey stone and mud bat building consisted of two sitting rooms, two bedrooms, dining room and bar and tap room. There was a cellar below the house, a scullery and outbuildings. Licensed as a Public House i 1905, the building has also been used as a Bakery and General Store. The place now functions as a garage and service station and consists of living quarters behind a Shop front and Service Station.


The Edwards Gingin Hotel was built for Reuben Edwards and his wife, Adeline Dewar, in anticipation of the railway passing through Gingin. The builder was Richard Masters and building commenced in May of 1886. It was a two storey stone and mud bat with two sitting rooms, two bedrooms, dining room, and bar and tap room. There was a cellar below the house, a scullery and outbuildings.
It was licensed as a Public House in 1905. In July 1907, it was transferred to Clayton Edwards' son, Reuben, who converted it to a Bakery and General Store. In 1910 it was taken over by A. Lucraft, who did not use the Bakery. In December of 1914, a violent storm blew the roof off but this was replaced. In 1922 it was taken over by J.E. Prior. Between 1926 and 1939, it operated as a Bakery by H. White, F. Roberts, C P. Knight and E.G. Portwine for various amounts of time. When it was leased to Pearse Herbert in 1928, he installed a petrol pump on Weld St. In March 1943, the Hotel/Store was again unroofed by a storm and the top storey demolished. Ralph Hill re-roofed the lower stonewalls as a bungalow. The building has been extended to the front and north side and has served as a Garage and Service Station for many years. Peter Crowe is the present owner.




Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
H Udell: "History of Gingin".

Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Present Use COMMERCIAL Hotel, Tavern or Inn
Other Use Transport\Communications Road: Other
Original Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence
Other Use COMMERCIAL Shop\Retail Store {single}
Present Use OTHER Other
Original Use COMMERCIAL Hotel, Tavern or Inn

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall BRICK Other Brick
Wall STONE Other Stone

Historic Themes

General Specific
OCCUPATIONS Rural industry & market gardening
DEMOGRAPHIC SETTLEMENT & MOBILITY Land allocation & subdivision

Creation Date

10 Jun 1998

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01 Jan 2017


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