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Victoria Quay


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Victoria Quay Fremantle

Location Details

Includes Sheds A to E (not D shed), CY O'Connor Centre & Memorial, Immigration Office, Waiting Rm, FPA Bldg, Mechanical W'shops, General Store, Boom Defence Bldgs 1 & 2, Navy Commander Res, Workshop Store, Works Office, Plumbers workshop, Garage/workshops/office, Office/Amenities Bldg, FPA fire Stn,Shipwrighting & Swan Dock Bldgs, Slipways, wharves & winch houses, Cranes, Jettys, South Mole

Other Name(s)

includes Immigration Centre Complex

Local Government




Construction Date

1829, 0

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Town Planning Scheme Completed\Draft 08 Mar 2007 City of Fremantle
State Register Interim Extension Indefinite 09 Jun 2008 Register Entry
Assessment Documentation

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 18 Sep 2000 Level 1A

Level 1A

The City of Fremantle has identified this place as being of exceptional cultural heritage significance in its own right within the context of Fremantle. This place is entered onto the Heritage Council of Western Australia’s Register of Heritage Places. All development applications must be referred to the Heritage Council for approval.

City of Fremantle
Register of the National Estate Indicative Place 22 Sep 2014 NA


National Heritage List Nominated 15 Aug 2005 NA


Survey of 20th Ctry Architecture Completed 01 Mar 1988 Recommend RHP

Recommend RHP

Classified by the National Trust Classified 10 Sep 2001 Unknown


Statewide Lge Timber Str Survey Completed 11 Dec 1998 Recommend RHP

Recommend RHP


Name Association Type Date From Date To
Bloody Sunday Other Association 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
Fremantle Port Authority Previous Owner 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
F. W. D Tydeman, General Manager, Fremantle Harbour Trust 1950-1963 Other Association 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
claiming possession western third of Australia for Britain by Captain Fremantle June 1829 Other Association 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
World War Two Other Association 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
Public Works Depart Other Association 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
C Y O'Connor Architect 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
Australian, American, British and Dutch wartime service groups Previous Occupant 22/09/2014 22/09/2014
C.Y. O'Connor Memorial - work of sculptor, P. G. Porcelli. Other Association 22/09/2014 22/09/2014

State Heritage Office library entries

ISBN Number Title Medium Year of Publication
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Challenger TAFE Maritime Centre : interpretation plan. Heritage Study {Other} 2004
Fremantle inner harbour : port development plan. Report 2000
14430800 Fremantle Studies: journal of the Fremantle History Society. Serial 1999
Challenger TAFE Maritime Centre, Victoria Quay, Fremantle : heritage report. Heritage Study {Other} 2004
Fremantle Ports Administration Building: 50 years. Book 2013
Victoria Quay and its buildings : an historical and architectural assessment. Heritage Study {Other} 1990
0957993404 Twentieth century heritage : marking the recent past. Book 2001
'Bloody Sunday' revisited. Book 2007
Victoria Quay slipways area: first draft (revised) conservation plan. Heritage Study {Cons'n Plan} 2000
A report on the archaeological remains found near the Challenger TAFE Maritime Centre, Victoria Quay, Fremantle. Report 2004
West end of Victoria Quay, Fremantle. Conservation policy. Heritage Study {Other} 2008
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Victoria Quay and its architecture : it's history and assessment of cultural significance. Report 1991
Victoria Quay heritage study. Vol. 2. Heritage Study {Other} 1998
Fremantle waterfront : masterplan for the redevelopment of the western end of Victoria Quay. Report 2000
Victoria Quay, Fremantle: interpretation plan, final report. Heritage Study {Other} 2010
CBH grain silos North Quay Fremantle : heritage assessment. Heritage Study {Other} 1999
Fremantle waterfront : draft masterplan for the redevelopment of the western end of Victoria Quay. Report 1997
Fremantle Port Inner Harbour Centenary : celebrating 100 years of history and progress 1897-1997. Brochure 1997
Victoria Quay heritage study. Vol. 1. Heritage Study {Other} 1998
0646445685 Fremantle : beyond the Round House. Book 2005
Pre-construction archive record draft. Fremantle waterfront commercial precinct, Victoria Quay. Archival Record 2008
1-721064-30-7 Fremantle walks. Book 2006
Victoria Quay Markets, Fremantle Harbour : information and leasing booklet. Report 1994
Fremantle waterfront transport study (draft report). Heritage Study {Other} 1999
Victoria Quay heritage study. Vol. 3. Heritage Study {Other} 1998
Pre-construction archive record: Fremantle waterfront commercial precinct, Victoria Quay. Archival Record 2008
Summary of the Victoria Quay heritage study. Heritage Study {Other} 1998

Place Type

Precinct or Streetscape


Epoch General Specific
Present Transport\Communications Water: Dock\Wharf Bldg or Structure
Present Transport\Communications Water: Office or Administration Bld
Present EDUCATIONAL Tertiary Institution
Present EDUCATIONAL Museum
Original Transport\Communications Water: Dock\Wharf Bldg or Structure
Original Transport\Communications Water: Office or Administration Bld

Architectural Styles

Other Style

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Other CONCRETE Other Concrete
Wall TIMBER Weatherboard
Other TIMBER Log
Roof METAL Corrugated Iron
Wall METAL Corrugated Iron

Historic Themes

General Specific
DEMOGRAPHIC SETTLEMENT & MOBILITY Immigration, emigration & refugees
PEOPLE Early settlers
TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS River & sea transport
PEOPLE Famous & infamous people

Creation Date

12 Apr 1995

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Last Update

22 Sep 2014


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