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Old Gaol & Police Quarters, Bridgetown


Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes

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144 Hampton St Bridgetown

Location Details

Other Name(s)

Bridgetown Police Station and Quarters (Fmr)
Old Gaol (Lock-Up)

Local Government



South West

Construction Date

Constructed from 1880, Constructed from 1996, Constructed from 1907

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List Adopted 28 Nov 2019
Heritage List Adopted 18 Mar 1983
State Register Registered 02 Sep 1997 Register Entry
Assessment Documentation
Heritage Council

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

Type Status Date Documents
RHP - To be assessed Current 10 Dec 2004

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 29 Mar 2018 Management Category A

Management Category A

Conservation of the place is essential. If not already, to be included on the Local Heritage List and recommended for assessment for entry into the State Register of Heritage Places (RHP). Development proposals to be assessed pursuant to SPP 3.5 Historic Heritage Conservation; a Conservation Management Plan (if one exists); and to reinforce the significance of the place. Places entered on the RHP are protected under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990. Development applications will require referral to the State Heritage Office, unless exempt.

Municipal Inventory Adopted 28 Jun 2001 Category 1

Category 1

Highest level of protection appropriate: recommended for entry for entry into the State Register of Heritage Places; provide maximum encouragement to the owner to conserve the significance of the place.

Classified by the National Trust Classified 03 Mar 1992

Heritage Council

Statement of Significance

The Police Station is the oldest government building in Bridgetown, and one of the oldest surviving buildings in the town. The place is representative of police stations and lockups constructed in Western Australia in the late nineteenth century and police quarters constructed in the first decade of the twentieth century. It ‘is an integral part of the collection of civic buildings situated at the northern part of the centre of Bridgetown. It is part of a significant streetscape in an historic town which contains many fine late nineteenth century and early twentieth century buildings retaining much of the ambience of a nineteenth century country town’. (Register of Heritage Places Entry Document)
Aesthetic Value
An historic building of Victorian Georgian design, which creates intrigue and interest, adding to the sense of place for both locals and visitors as an integral part of the streetscape.
Historic Value
The Bridgetown Police Station and Quarters are significant in the evolution of the history of WA and the development of Bridgetown and broader district.
Research Value
The Bridgetown Police Station (and Lock-up) and Police Quarters are of high research value, important for information contributing to a wider understanding of conditions of short stay lock-up cells, police stations and police quarters, in use from the 1880’s and early 1900’s until 1970’s, in rural WA. Research value is also evident of officers accommodating the cultural differences of Aboriginal men, who were unaccustomed to sleeping in closed quarters. Chain marks remain visible on the window sills to the back verandah where Aboriginal men were permitted to sleep.
Social Value
Bridgetown Police Station and Quarters (fmr) is highly valued by some members of the community of Bridgetown for its contribution to the streetscape. It also contributes to the community’s sense of place as an integral part of the collection of civic buildings situated at the northern part of the centre of Bridgetown. (Bridgetown Police Station (Bridgetown Police Station and Quarters [fmr] Conservation Plan 2011, pg80)
The “Old Gaol” is valued socially as a tourism attraction, visited by locals and tourists to see historic exhibitions by the Bridgetown Historical Society.

Physical Description

Brick and iron Government buildings typical of the period.
The Police Station roof shingles were replaced with galvanised corrugated iron in 2009. The Police Station chimney has copper pots still in situ. The Police Quarters were extended to the rear and renovated in 1995/1996.
Refer to Bridgetown Police Station Conservation Management Plan Update (August 2011) for further physical descriptions.


The Station was constructed in 1880, after a need was seen to create a more official police station with lock-up, than the original Police Station (and residence) officiated by Constable Moriarty by the Bridge. The station originally had a small Police Quarters adjoining to the southern side, which was first resided in by Constable John Bovell (of Mullalyup) in the January of 1881. This residence was not designed for a family, and it was not until 1907 that the now adjoining two Police Quarters (houses) were built. They were taken from the same design and specifications as those of the Busselton Police Quarters, which also still remain. The remaining Station and lock-up has had very little if alterations, while the police quarters have undergone additions and minor renovations. The Police Station was used until 1970 when a new Police Station, courthouse and Lock-up were built in Steere Street. The Oak tree at the rear of 146 Hampton Street (northern residence) has some significance and was most likely planted around the late 1800's, possibly to provide shade for the Constables horses.


Medium to High
The Police Station has medium integrity. Although it is no longer being used as a Police Station, it is set up interpretively as an ‘old gaol’ (lock-up) for the purpose of tourism. The Police Quarters retain a moderate to high degree of integrity as they continue to be well maintained and used as residences for Shire employees.
Medium to High
The Police Station has a moderate level of authenticity. The building suffered some considerable loss of fabric with the construction of the adjoining Police Quarters in 1907. One and a half rooms and a section of the verandah were demolished. The Police Quarters has a moderate to high degree of authenticity.




Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
Permanent Entry Old Gaol & Police Quarters, Bridgetown Register of Heritage Places 2/09/1997
Bridgetown Police Station and Quarters Conservation Plan 2011

Other Reference Numbers

Ref Number Description
A39095 Assess No (Shire Ref)
No.B18 MI Place No.

State Heritage Office library entries

Library Id Title Medium Year Of Publication
5706 Bridgetown : a selection of historical buildings. Report 1989
5810 Report of restoration work at the Old Jail (Gaol), Hampton Street, Bridgetown. Heritage Study {Other} 2002
9828 Bridgetown Police Station (known as the Old Gaol) and Quarters (fmr) Heritage Study {Cons'n Plan} 2011
4803 Bridgetown Police Station and Lock Up - conservation management plan - December 2000. Heritage Study {Cons'n Plan} 2000

Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Original Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence
Present Use EDUCATIONAL Museum
Original Use GOVERNMENTAL Police Station or Quarters
Present Use RESIDENTIAL Single storey residence

Architectural Styles

Victorian Georgian
Federation Filigree

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Roof TIMBER Shingle
Wall METAL Other Metal
Wall BRICK Common Brick

Historic Themes

General Specific

Creation Date

30 May 1989

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27 Apr 2021


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