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City of Fremantle

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44-48 Cliff St Fremantle

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Construction Date

Constructed from 1875

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List YES 08 Mar 2007

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 18 Sep 2000 Historic/Archaeological Site

Historic/Archaeological Site

Where a place has cultural heritage significance as a result of its former use or because of buildings or structures that formerly existed on the site, interpretive signage such as a plaque should be erected to provide information on the history of the place. If the place is privately owned, Council should encourage the owner to provide interpretive signage and provide assistance where possible to the owner to ensure that any historical information is accurate (i.e. obtained from a reliable source). Archaeology Where development is proposed on the site of a former significant structure or building, an archaeological survey should be carried out prior to development to determine firstly the likelihood or archaeological material being found and secondly whether archaeological excavation is appropriate. The site survey should be carried out by an appropriately qualified historical archaeologist. If recommended an archaeological excavation should be carried out prior to development. Alternatively, an archaeological monitoring brief should be established to ensure that any material discovered during construction is investigated. This brief requires work to stop until an archaeologist has investigated the site in the event of material being uncovered during normal construction works.

Statement of Significance

Site of Pier Hotel, demolished 1955, is significant as a site because it represents the development of Fremantle’s Old Port City from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was one of many hotels in the Old Port City area, used by workers and the local Fremantle community.

Physical Description



Cliff St in the 1850s was a busy thoroughfare connecting the sea front jetty with the river. Many businesses were located along the route. The street was paved in 1858 with hand-tolled Yorkshire flagstones by sappers of the Royal Engineers. The job was completed by private contract after the sappers were needed elsewhere. Apparently, convicts were not skilled enough for the job. To meet the expense, dog licences, poundage fees and fines were raised by the Town Trust.
The Pier Hotel was built by William Brown in the 1870s. Brown was an ex-water policeman and sailmaker. The hotel was delicenced in 1922 and demolished in 1955.
As at 2002 the lot was a carpark associated with Notre Dame University. In 2009 plans were approved by the City of Fremantle for development of the site for NDU.





Place Type

Historic Site


Epoch General Specific
Present Use OTHER Other
Other Use OTHER Other
Original Use COMMERCIAL Hotel, Tavern or Inn

Historic Themes

General Specific
SOCIAL & CIVIC ACTIVITIES Community services & utilities

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20 Jul 2011

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01 Jan 2017


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