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Lathlain Park School


Town of Victoria Park

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120 Howick St Lathlain

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Victoria Park



Construction Date

Constructed from 1956

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Classified by the National Trust Classified 08 Sep 1985

Heritage Council
Municipal Inventory Adopted 14 Jul 1998 Category C

Category C

Retain and conserve if possible: endeavour to conserve the significance of the place through the provisions of the Town of Victoria Park Planning Scheme; a more detailed Heritage Assessment/Impact Statement* may be required prior to approval being given for any major redevelopment or demolition; photographically record the place prior to any major redevelopment or demolition.

Statement of Significance

The Lathlain Park Primary School has historic and social heritage significance. Established in 1956, the school
has served the needs of the local community for the past forty years.

Physical Description

This is a typical primary school circa 1950s, with a combination of red brickwork, painted and plastered
brickwork, orange/red terracotta Marseille tiles, and vertical white painted double hung windows above and
hopper windows below, at sill level.
The building facing the two streets is L-shaped in plan, with a second detached building enclosing the third
side of an internal bitumen paved quadrangle. The quadrangle is open to the north-west. Timber skillion
verandahs to both buildings face into the quadrangle.
The entrance to the school at the south-east corner of the main building is emphasised in red brick, whilst the
remainder of the building (apartfrom the brick plinth) is rendered.


Lathlain Park Primary School was opened in 1956. For the past four decades it has played a central role in the
development of children in Lathlain. The school was named after Sir William Lathlain, who was the City of
Perth Mayor from 1918-1923 and then Lord Mayor from 1930-1932. He was also a member of the State's
Legislative Council from 1926-1932.
Lathlain Primary School has had a chequered history, with student population highs and lows, but with a
constant supportive parent body. During the early 1970s the student numbers rose to between 500 and 600.
However, with the population changes in the area, the school decreased in size to a population low of
approximately 170 students in 1994. At this time a rationalisation process engendered by the Ministry of
Education saw the school threatened with closure. Carlisle Primary School and Lathlain Park Primary School
were to amalgamate (though which school was to close was never decided). A last moment reprieve was given
when a close look at the practicalities of children crossing a major street such as Orrong Road led to the
decision to keep both schools independent.
During the 1980s Lathlain Park Primary School expanded for a few years when two demountables were added
to the campus. These were to be used as school rooms for children with special needs. After approximately
three years they were dispersed into standard classrooms at various schools with support aides.
In 1988 a time capsule was put into the front rose garden of the school. This was buried during Australia's
Bicentennial Celebrations. Enclosed was a selection of children's work, letters and family histories. It was to
be interred for 25 years and to be opened in 2013.
The population in 1998 of 230 students includes a full-time pre-primary group that came to the school in 1995.
With this unit full and younger family groups moving into the area, the school could increase once again.
Children from Lathlain Park Primaiy School have successfully competed in academic, sports and arts fields.




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Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
C Day; "Grace Williamson. (Library Officer, 22 yrs involvement with the school)- Oral History". Heritage Today 12/12/97
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Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Present Use EDUCATIONAL Primary School
Original Use EDUCATIONAL Primary School

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27 Jul 1995

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01 Jan 2017


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