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Cape Peron K Battery Complex


City of Rockingham

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End of Point Peron Rd, Cape Peron Rockingham

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Cape Peron Battery Complex

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Construction Date

Constructed from 1945, Constructed from 1942

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Statutory Heritage Listings

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(no listings)

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Municipal Inventory Adopted 22 Dec 1998 Category A

Category A

Worthy of the highest level of protection- recommended for entry into the State Register of Heritage Places. Development would require consultation with the City of Rockingham. Maximum encouragement to the owner should be provided under the City of Rockingham Planning Scheme to conserve the significance of the place. A detailed Heritage Assessment* and Impact Statement should be undertaken before approval is given for any major redevelopment. Incentives to promote heritage conservation should be also be considered.

Register of the National Estate Permanent 30 May 1995

Heritage Council
RHP - Assessed-Stakeholder Consultation Current 03 Jan 2018

Heritage Council

Statement of Significance

Aesthetic Value: Cape Peron is a popular recreation area and provides scenic views of the coast from Mandurah to Kwinana and has potential for interpreting the extensive coastal defence system of the State
the battery demonstrates technical achievement in its design - the guns were placed to enable them to cover any shipping approaching within range south of Rockingham and Safety Bay and the western approaches to Garden Island, as well as providing cover for the boom defence which was laid across South Channel.

Historic Value: The place is an important component of Australia’s coastal defence system erected in response to exter- nal threats during WWII.

Physical Description

The remains of an artillery battery which formed part of a chain of gun em- placements erected along the west coast. The battery is located on the hills of Cape Peron, utilisng the natural terrain to provide extensive and scenic views of the coast. The remains of the battery consists of two gun emplace- ments with gun floor shelters, two observation posts, and the remains of other structures and buidings associated with the battery on the headland, in- cluding searchlights at John Point and Mushroom Rocks. Gun Emplacement No. 1 is almost completely covered by sand and vegetation. Gun Emplace- ment No. 2 has suffered major structural damage due to erosion. The Obser- vation Post located on the highest point of Cape Peron has been damaged by erosion and ongoing pedestrian activity. Vandals have also caused damage to the inside and outside of the building.


During World War Two, the strategic use of Cockburn Sound was secured with the almost land-locked Sound protected by the placement of anti-aircraft guns on Garden Island and the mainland. The road to Safety Bay was bituminized and gun emplacements facing south and west were dug into the highest sand hills at Point Peron. There were about one hundred troops stationed at the Battery to carry out coastal surveillance and to operate the 155mm American Field Guns, that had been adapted to coastal defence. The men were housed initially in the old Turtle Factory and then in specially built barracks.


Integrity: Moderate Degree
Authenticity: High Degree



State Heritage Office library entries

Library Id Title Medium Year Of Publication
11442 Point Peron 'K' Battery Heritage Study {Cons'n Plan} 2016

Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Original Use MILITARY Fort or Gun Emplacement

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall BRICK Common Brick
Other BRICK Common Brick
Wall CONCRETE Reinforced Concrete
Wall CONCRETE Reinforced Concrete
Other CONCRETE Reinforced Concrete
Roof BRICK Common Brick

Historic Themes

General Specific
OUTSIDE INFLUENCES World Wars & other wars

Creation Date

06 Jul 1993

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15 Dec 2017


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