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Denmark River


Shire of Denmark

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Denmark River Denmark

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DIA Stie Number: 22081

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Kwoorabup Beela

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Great Southern

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 28 Jun 2011 Exceptional Significance

Exceptional Significance

DESCRIPTION: Essential to the heritage of the locality. Rare or outstanding example. DESIRED OUTCOME: The place should be retained and conserved unless there is no feasible and prudent alternative to doing otherwise. Any alterations or extensions should reinforce the significance of the place, and be in accordance with a Conservation Plan (if one exists for the place).

Statement of Significance

The Denmark River or the Kwoorabup site is assessed as a locally and regionally significant Aboriginal site with different levels of cultural, environmental and historical association. The cultural significance of the River is due largely to its totemic significance (e.g. Kwoor Borongur) and creation by the Waugal in the Dreaming. As well as this ethnographic and religious value, there is archaeological and historical evidence of prior occupation and ceremonial use of the general area near the River bend near what is now the bridge crossing the River.
The Denmark River is part of a broader cultural landscape which includes individual sites within the 30m foreshore such as the shell midden and ceremonial area at the River bend, along with various elements of the natural environment that were, and still are, used by Noongar people for dietary, medicinal and economic purposes. For these and other reasons the Denmark River has sacred, ritual and ceremonial associations and is therefore of special significance to Noongar people.
Consistent with previous site reports, the Denmark River, including the 30m buffer zone along the River course, are assessed as culturally significant under Section 5(a) and 5(c) of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.
All elements of the Denmark River’s ecology and cultural fabric are significant to local Noongar Elders and site custodians, however the area around the River bend adjacent to the shell midden site (Site No.18947) is particularly important as it demonstrates prior occupation of the area and use of its resources by Aboriginal people. (Excerpt from Townley, 2009).

Physical Description

The Denmark River originates from a number of tributaries north of Denmark in the Shire of Plantagenet and flows through the town of Denmark into the Wilson Inlet


The Denmark River lies in the Pibbulman cultural area which is part of the wider Noongar country region, although the area west of Hay River is typically an area of overlap where, prior to Eureopean settlement, both Pibbulmun and Minang groups met regularly for ceremonial and economic purposes. As such, Noongar Elders now consider it important to consult representatives from both groups on heritage matters.


Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
M Mitchell; "Wilson Inlet Cultural Management Plan". Unpublished report 2008
G Townley;"The Kwoorabup Walk Trail Cultural Heritage Management Plan". Unpublished report 2009

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22 Feb 2012

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10 Jan 2017


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