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Bridgetown Railway Station (fmr)


Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes

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Railway Reserve Bridgetown

Location Details

Inc: Platform; Station Building; Goods Shed; loading platform & crane; office; ablutions; storeroom & associated plantings

Other Name(s)

Railway Station and goods Shed

Local Government



South West

Construction Date

Constructed from 1898, Constructed from 1914

Demolition Year


Statutory Heritage Listings

Type Status Date Documents More information
Heritage List Adopted 28 Nov 2019
Heritage List Adopted 18 Mar 1983
State Register Registered 29 May 2001 Register Entry
Assessment Documentation
Heritage Council

Heritage Council Decisions and Deliberations

Type Status Date Documents
(no listings)

Other Heritage Listings and Surveys

Type Status Date Grading/Management More information
Category Description
Statewide Railway Heritage Surve Completed 01 Mar 1994

Heritage Council
Statewide Lge Timber Str Survey Completed 11 Dec 1998

Heritage Council
Municipal Inventory Adopted 29 Mar 2018 Management Category A

Management Category A

Conservation of the place is essential. If not already, to be included on the Local Heritage List and recommended for assessment for entry into the State Register of Heritage Places (RHP). Development proposals to be assessed pursuant to SPP 3.5 Historic Heritage Conservation; a Conservation Management Plan (if one exists); and to reinforce the significance of the place. Places entered on the RHP are protected under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990. Development applications will require referral to the State Heritage Office, unless exempt.

Municipal Inventory Adopted 28 Jun 2001 Category 2

Category 2

High level of protection appropriate: provide maximum encouragement to the owner under the town planning scheme to conserve the significance of the place.

Statement of Significance

The Bridgetown Railway Station and Goods Shed are of high local and State significance. The introduction of the Railway to the lower South West boosted the local and state economy through the transportation of local produce, namely fruit and timber, to be exported both interstate and overseas.
Aesthetic Value
Although in somewhat poor condition at present, the station building with surrounding plantings is a picturesque example of an Arts and Crafts style train station, somewhat typical in Western Australian rural areas. It is a landmark which although set back, creates views from Hampton Street, Steere Street and Spencer Street. The site contains significant exotic plantings being Oak, Cape Lilac, Ficus and Kurrajong trees.
A town square and car park were constructed in 2010/2011 in proximity to the station building, adding to its landmark value. The Railway Station forms a cultural environment which contributes to the aesthetic qualities of the Bridgetown township.
Historic Value
The Bridgetown Railway Station and Goods Shed have historical significance as tangible reminders of the importance of railways in the economic development of the lower South West region and the State. They illustrate the railway’s vital role in the provision of passenger, goods, produce and mail transport, as well as the importance given to stations and other buildings and structures that were integral components of the railway system. The Bridgetown Railway Station is one of few surviving stations on the Donnybrook-Bridgetown Railway Line and as the original terminus, it was the largest station on this line.
Research Value
With a high level of historical activity across the yards and associated buildings, both surviving and demolished, the place as a whole has considerable archaeological potential. Of particular research interest could be the layout of the many tracks and spur lines that formerly traversed the site, the former loading areas, demolished infrastructure and underfloor deposits within the remaining buildings.
The significant raising of the ground level over the years may have preserved such archaeological deposits.
Social Value
The place forms a significant cultural environment. It was a major place of employment, a meeting place for local growers bringing goods to be sent to market, and an arrival and departure point for both visiting and local passengers and the transport of regular mail. It has also been important in providing a venue for community based environmental groups such as the Blackwood Environment Society which reflect the changing socio-demographics of Bridgetown. The recent addition of the parking area for caravans with a usable lawn space, as well as the creation of the town square, enhances the (potential) culture of the precinct. Ideally the restoration and a more public use of the station (such as a Visitors Centre), could be the main draw card to create an interactive cultural precinct for visitors and locals.

Physical Description

The broader Bridgetown Railway Station Precinct comprises railway lines, a passenger platform and weatherboard and corrugated iron station, a double gabled corrugated iron goods shed, a 5 ton goods crane, a loading gauge and associated plantings. For additional details, refer to Conservation Management Plan: Bridgetown Railway Station Precinct (31 Jan 2013)


The Bridgetown Railway Station officially opened on 7 October 1898. The Station ceased use on 2 June 1988 and train services ceased 12 March 2005. The railway corridor remains technically “open” under the management of Brookfield Rail. The Goods Shed has been used for miscellaneous storage for many years, unrelated to the railway precinct. For additional details, refer to Conservation Management Plan: Bridgetown Railway Station Precinct (Jan 2013).


Whilst no longer used for passenger transport, the location of the station building adjacent to the railway line informs the observer of its original intention. Whilst the original layout of the rooms is reasonably intact, their former uses are not readily discernible in their current state.
An addition to the south west corner of the station building in 1969 saw the adjoining parcel room wall being opened to door height, which now forms one larger room. The ceilings and walls which were originally timber lined have been covered by Masonite sheeting, carpets were added and the ticket window covered up, although still discernable. The original platform verandah posts have been replaced with plain steel cylindrical posts with no detailing. The materials of the Goods Shed remain largely authentic, although the north facing sliding door has been sealed over with corrugated iron sheeting. It would seem that the internal office spaces were developed over time as internal asbestos sheeting and louver windows have been used. Overall, the Station and Goods Shed remain largely authentic, with many materials in their original state.


Poor to Fair


Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
Curtin Uni. Register of Heritage Places, Bridgetown a Selection of Historical Buildings 1989
Plan for the Bridgetown Railway Station Precinct, 2013. Prepared by Annette Green of Greenward Consulting for the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes. Conservation Management Plan for the Bridgetown Railway Station Precinct 2013

Other Reference Numbers

Ref Number Description
No.B4 MI Place No.
A33534 Assess No (Shire Ref)

State Heritage Office library entries

Library Id Title Medium Year Of Publication
4251 Bridgetown Railway Station Conservation Works Heritage Study {Other} 1999
5706 Bridgetown : a selection of historical buildings. Report 1989
4765 Conservation management plan for the Bridgetown Station. Heritage Study {Cons'n Plan} 1999
10068 Conservation management plan for the Bridgetown Railway Station Precinct Railway Reserve, Bridgetown. Heritage Study {Cons'n Plan} 2012

Place Type

Individual Building or Group


Epoch General Specific
Original Use Transport\Communications Rail: Railway Station
Present Use EDUCATIONAL Museum

Architectural Styles

Federation Arts and Crafts

Construction Materials

Type General Specific
Wall ASBESTOS Fibrous Cement, weatherboard
Roof METAL Corrugated Iron
Wall TIMBER Weatherboard

Historic Themes

General Specific
TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS Rail & light rail transport

Creation Date

12 Jul 1988

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27 Apr 2021


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