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Avenue of Trees, The Boulevard


Town of Cambridge

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The Boulevard Floreat

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The Boulevard (between Cambridge St and Chipping Rd)

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Constructed from 1940 to 1950, Constructed from 1929

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 27 Nov 2018 Category 4

Category 4

Little significance Contributes to the understanding of the history of the Town of Cambridge. Photographically record prior to major development or demolition. Recognise and interpret the site if possible

Statement of Significance

The trees have aesthetic value as mature trees in an urban setting that provides a leafy green quality to this main road and are landmarks in the streetscape.

The trees have historic value for their association with the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Swan River Colony.

The planting of the trees in 1929 have historic value as an interesting contrast to the Foundation ceremony in 1829 which cut down a tree.

The trees have social value for the community as the remaining trees have been a visual cue for the trip to City Beach since 1929.

Physical Description

The trees along The Boulevard between the intersection with Cambridge Street and Chipping Road are located within the deep grassy verges and are a variety of species including pine, palm trees and gums.

The trees create a clearly defined green edge to the road and provide some separation between the public and private realms.


The trees which remain on the verges of The Boulevard in Floreat and City Beach are those remaining from a ceremonial planting in recognition of the foundation of the colony in 1829. The City of Perth undertook to plant 365 trees on The Boulevard in part as a contrast to the ceremony in 1829 which cut down a tree in central Perth. The ceremony took place on 26th July 1929, and was performed by his Excellency the Governor (Sir William Campion) and Lady Campion, assisted by the Mayor of Perth (Mr. J. T. Franklin, M.L.C.) and Mrs. Franklin, members of the State Ministry and their wives, ex-Mayors, city councillors and civic officers and their wives.

As described in the local press,
'The Boulevard, which curves north-westward from Cambridge-street, and is four miles long, will be planted with an avenue of trees. On each side of the roadway a line of Pinus insignis, with alternating palms and flowering gums in the foreground, will edge the drive, the present macadamized width of which will be doubled. Half a mile of the drive was planted yesterday, starting from the city end. Each lady who planted a tree received as a souvenir a miniature spade bearing Perth’s coat of arms. The planting done, the guests were given tea in a marquee, where speeches were made'.

An item in the Lord Mayor's Report in 1942-43 recorded that 60 Jacaranda Trees were planted on The Boulevard in Floreat during that year at a cost of £64.4.0. It is probable that these trees are on the southern side of The Boulevard between Linden Gardens and the Floreat Forum shopping complex.

In 1977/78, the City of Perth annual report recorded that pine trees were removed from The Boulevard because of ongoing problems with the reduced water table and poor rains.

Those trees remaining from this initial period of planting are apparent from the intersection with Cambridge Street to Chipping Road in City Beach and are predominantly on the northern side of the road.


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The Boulevard Treescape, in Follow the Old Plank Road Online Reference
Cambridge Notes, T88, Town of Cambridge Local History Collection Online Resources

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