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Stirling Hwy Nedlands

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Constructed from 1948

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Heritage List Adopted 18 Dec 2017
State Register Registered 19 Jan 2007 HCWebsite.Listing+ListingDocument, HCWebsite.Listing+ListingDocument

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 15 Apr 1999
Statewide War Memorial Survey Completed 01 May 1996
Municipal Inventory Adopted 27 Apr 1999 Category B

Statement of Significance

The Peace Memorial Rose Garden has high aesthetic. hi. toric, social, scientific and rarity cultural heritage significance. The large scale garden is attractive, parucularly in Spring and Autumn when the roses are a mass of bloom and many people visit to enjoy thi natural beauty. The garden has a direct link with people's need to recognise the war. ervicc and sacrifice of men nnd women during war. Classified as a landmark along Stirling Highway. the Rose Garden is recognised by many people outside of the City of Ned lands for a garden of beauty on a large scale. The roses have been used as a source of root stock for many years and provide an education in rose care for people interested in the prunning displays held annually. The garden is a fine and rare example of a dynamic War Memorial when compared to the statues or cenotaphs usua Ily erected.

Physical Description

The Peace Memorial Rose Garden is situated on an elevated block that has a broad frontage on Stirling Highway. The entrance to the rose garden is through a simple wooden pergola. painted mission brown. The pillars are said to come from Witchliffe and were collected by Mr Charles Smith, the Mayor of Nedlands at the time. Originally the pergola had climbing roses but these were damaged when part of the pergola felL. They have not been replaced This rose garden. though the biggest in area in Perth, does not have the most roses. Ihis honour goes to Karrakatta Cemetery. Today (1998) there are approximately 1.000 roses in the garden. Some are original but many have been replaced owing to age and sometimes disease. Occasionally cuttings are made of old plants so that the same roses can go back to their original bed. Maintenance includes a recycling programme of pruning trees which are then chipped for mulch. Large manicured lawn areas in between the rose beds and a gazebo attract many people for picnics. Weddings are also performed here. The MemoriaJ Plaque is located in a central position on a stone obelisk at the end of the brick paved path.


The idea of the Peace Memorial Rose Garden was conceived by the immediate past President of the National Rose Society of WA. Mr Charles Frost. late In 1943 and it was readily agreed to by the Society. Early in 1944 a Trust Fund was created for the establishment of the Memorial Rose Garden and Trustees were appointed. Approximately £ I,000 was raised towards the Memorial Gardens. After some potential site... fell through. the Society became aware that the Nedlands Road Board had acquired the site of approximately four acres on Stirling Highway for the purpose of establishing playgrounds and a park. The land was purchased from the Salvation Army. It was agreed that this ..ite would be admirable. In February 1948, after little negotiation and much cooperation from the Road Board, new plans were drawn up by the Board's architects, WG Bennett and Associates. These were approved of by both the Road Board and the Rose Society. The firsl400 rose bushes were planted in July 1948. The aim of Charles Frost was to have a memorial that wouJd have "national character, a truly State mernonal, that the people of the whole State could subscribe 10 - a national rose shrine which would be outstandingly beautiful and dignified and a symbol of culture and refinement". Tho Peace Memorial Rose Garden had a dedication ceremony on 22 October 1950 at J pm. Speeches were given by J C Smith, Chairman of the Nedlands Road Board, Fred Jackson and Charles Frost. Secretary and President of the National Rose Society of WA and Sir James Mitchell. Sir James. the Governor of WA, unveiled the memorial bronze plaque mounted on a Slone obehsk, The plaque was dedicated to the memory of people who had died Inactive service dunng the war. In 1962 the Nedlands Rotary Club built a wishing well in the north west comer of the gardens to raise money for charity. Two memorial seats (one since stolen). situated at the front of the rose garden, held plaques to commemorate long service to Nedlands by Mr Charles and MI'8 Florence Smith. Charles Smith dedicated 43 years to local government in Nedlands and had two long terms as Mayor. He acknowledged the devoted help of his wife. they were both made Freemen of the City of Ned lands in 1979. Mrs Smith was the first woman in WA to be made a Freeman without havmg served on the Council. The couple were nicknamed Mr and Mrs Nedlands. Today (1998) there are 2.000 rose bushes with over 40 different varieties in the Peace Memorial Gardens. They are tended by a team of City of Nedlands Park and Garden employees supervised by Gordon Crann. Gordon (who displays a passionate interest in his work of the past 14 years) and a mall team take a full week to prune the roses in the City of Ned lands gardens each July. Maintenance of the Rose Garden is high but many people enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the park. Between the beds are a number of mature trees but a planting programme of renewal and change is in constant progress.






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W G Benett and Associated Architect - -

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N27 LGA Place No

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4437 Post haste the millennium: opportunities & challenges in Local Studies. Proceedings of the 2nd National ALIA Local studies Section Conference. Conference proceedings 1999
7453 A guide to historical military sites in the City of Nedlands. Brochure 2005

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Present Use MONUMENT\CEMETERY Monument
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16 Jun 1999

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