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22387 Hilton Garden Suburb Precinct

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  • 22387 Hilton Garden Suburb Precinct
  • 22387 Hilton Garden Suburb Precinct
  • 22387 Hilton Garden Suburb Precinct

Statement of Significance

The Hilton Precinct was adopted by Council on 19/8/1994. Houses in Hilton are generally socially significant and historically significant in that they are the result of post-war changes both in Western Australia and in the world. They reflect the Commonwealth government's plan to encourage people to migrate to Australia and the determination to provide sufficient housing for all Australians. Co-operation between the state and Commonwealth government is revealed in the housing erected in Hilton. Hilton also reflects an aesthetic ideal promoted by town planners and architects at various times in the 20th century - the ideal of the garden city. Although built on a small scale Hilton is one of the Australian successes of this planning ideal. (This material was compiled by historians under contract to the City Of Fremantle in 1996 and has not been adopted by Council)

Physical Description

This precinct is bounded by: South and Winterfold Streets to the north and south; and by the Stock Road reserve and Carrington Street to the east and west. Designed on the principles of the garden suburub, Hilton has a pattern of curviliner and straight streets that are planned around central communal areas such as the school and shopping areas. The Hilton precinct was also developed over a short period of time - 10 years in 'A' area and later, 10 years in 'B' area. (See "Hilton Residential Development Polciy and Urban Design Guidelines", prepared by the City of Fremantle, 1994.


Hilton is largely a post Second World War Housing Commission development built to house new arrivals: returned servicemen and immigrants. It was planned in the late 1940s as a garden suburb although the name was suggested in pre-war days. The houses are a mixture of imported prefabricated homes from Austria and houses built from local and imported materials. House design was influenced by the modernist movement in architecture which prevailed widely in the post-war period. The designs were functional without being decorative. Efforts were made to retain the garden nature of the subdivisions so that today the mature trees, the relatively large suburban blocks of land and the parkland incorporated in the suburb all contribute to the fulfilment of the vision of the garden suburb. Hilton has many timber homes as well as homes clad in asbestos, double brick or in brick veneer. It thus presents a typical post-war housing development in use of materials and in design. (This material was com

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20 Jul 2011

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