Hyden Rock Dam


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Constructed from 1929

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 18 Mar 1998 Category 4

Statement of Significance

The place represents the instigation of the location of the town of Hyden. It represents the progress of the Hyden region. It represents a unique realisation of the identity of the region and successful marketing of that resource. The place is an international and local landmark. It represents the ongoing sustainability of Hyden.


Hyden Rock and the town of Hyden were named after a sandalwood cutter who worked in the area, and camped at the Rock. His name was Hyde, however it appeared on the lithos as Hyden, and that name has been adopted. The Rock was a popular destination for picnics, sports days and social gatherings in the developing region of Hyden. The town of Hyden was proposed to be located on a hill on the south of the Rock but the railway was not extending further than the existing railhead. The Hyden settlement took place in response to the availability of water and run off from the rock. With settlement in the Hyden area taking place after free selection was cancelled in the Karlgarin area in 1926, by government responded with water supplies. The dam was developed as part of the 3500 farm scheme which opened up land eastwards from Hyden. The scheme proposed to harness the water from four rock catchments; Hyden Rock, Graham Rock, King Rocks and the Humps, and pump the water to the top of King Rocks to gravity feed to Forrestania area. By 1929, a small weir had been constructed at Hyden Rock. In 1936, the 740,000 gallon dam was roofed using labour from a government sustenance program. In 1951, the dam was extended to a capacity of 5 million gallons, and the Hyden town was reticulated in 1952. In 1958, the Hyden farmers believed that they were self sufficient, and rejected the opportunity to connect to the Comprehensive Water Scheme. After the "Walkabout" magazine featured the Wave rock on the cover in the early 1960s the tourist potential of the Hyden rock and surrounding area has continued to be developed. In 1962, the first tourists travelled to Hyden, and almost immediately a tourist committee was formed. In 1963, the committee proposed that toilet facilities and a shire caravan park be erected at the Wave Rock. It was rejected by Council, but proceeded with in 1964. The Wave Rock now has a national reputation as a landmark, and it is included in many international and national tour itineraries.


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Ref ID No Ref Name Ref Source Ref Date
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Geological monument


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Present Use GOVERNMENTAL Reservoir or Dam
Original Use GOVERNMENTAL Reservoir or Dam

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16 Mar 1998

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01 Jan 2017


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