Pioneer Park


Shire of Pingelly

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Lot 835 Brown St Pingelly

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Pioneer Tavern Park

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Constructed from 1979

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Municipal Inventory Adopted 28 Nov 1996 Category 3

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The place has social value, as a demonstration of the civic pride felt by the local community who wanted to improve the appearance of their town.

Physical Description

Pioneer Park is located beside the Avon River within a lawned area with established palm trees, native trees and gardens with BBQ facilities and timber seats. A small timber footbridge crosses the river. The area was originally used by the early European settlers to make bricks for the first buildings in the town. The creation of the park entailed the building of two bridges, rock work, and the planting of trees. Pioneer Park has three memorials: Ingram Well - Aboriginal Supply prior to 1879. The well was used by gangs, who contributed to the construction of the Great Southern Railway, and sub settlers being the town's first supply and which is still in use. The stonework and plaque was placed in 1980, by the Pioneer Park Committee who stoned the area to preserve its history. A stone fountain on a random rubble base with a plaque that was unveiled on 12 October 1979, and which commemorates those who settled in the district. A grave stone built by the Aborigines to commemorate their own people, with a concrete base and headstone with inlaid coloured stones and a boomerang shaped motif.


Ideas to create 'Pioneer park' had their origins in 1964 when Mrs E. Frusher wrote to the Shire suggesting that the area, east of the railway line, be cleared of all debris and in this setting, paths and seating, plus a limited amount of beautification, would be most attractive. Meetings were held during 1972 and 1973 and in 1974 a Tourist and Town Beautification Committee was formed. A survey of the town was undertaken, a publicity campaign followed and letters send to all residents. The first objective of the Committee was to gain control of the eight acres of Railway land. The idea was to beautify the land and make it into a 'Pioneer Park' a memorial to the early settlers of Pingelly. The Council carried out negotiations with the WAGR for the land to be vested in the Shire Council. Under the guidance of a Perth landscape architect, Mr Puik, work began on the site. Local citizens planted trees, a playground area and barbecue were erected. During 1978, while planning for the States 150th celebrations, Committee members decided to have an official opening of 'Pioneer Park' and to mark the occasion with the installation of two fountains, one constructed of local stone. Messrs C. Stewart, A. Marshall and N. White erected an imposing entrance and a fountain established in the centre of the lake. During 'Back to Pingelly Week' in 1979, the Hon. H. W. Gayfer MLA officially opened 'Pioneer Park' unveiling a plaque on the fountain to mark the occasion. In 1980 the original town well was reconstructed in stonework, marking another historical site.






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T. Puik (Landscaper) Architect - -


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Lange, S. "Pingelly:Our People and Progress" p. 200 The Pingelly Tourist Trust 1981

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05908 Heritage Place No.

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Urban Park


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Original Use PARK\RESERVE Park\Reserve
Present Use PARK\RESERVE Park\Reserve

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16 May 1997

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